miércoles, 1 de enero de 2014

It's 2014.

Do you know what this means ?
This was going to be our year. Our escape.
The year we became everything that we wanted.

We were supposed to make plans for the future.
Our future.
This was the year I promised i'd visit more.
I'd let myself grow.

I really want to blame you for everything, but
the truth is, I can only blame myself.
I didn't save you. 
All I did was try and make you forget.
Forget the pain, the lonlyness, just forget.
I thought I was helping, but I know now
That your mind is everywhere with you
You can forget for a while but then it all comes back.
To haunt you, to torment.
I know fear. I know pain.
I know what it's like to feel worthless,
I repeat it in my head, but then I was told aloud.
It's all so real when you hear it from someone else.

You said I was strong. Why don't i believe you ?
I have always had the power to fight. But I wanna give up.
Give in.

This was going to be our year. Our escape.
Where do I go?
I know it's not true but I feel I have nowhere.

I'm mad because you promised.
You said that in 2014 we'd live.
I'm mad because you promised.
You promised.
But I can't be because I failed you.
It's my fault. 

Maybe it's true.
Maybe I am worthless,
That's why you didn't stay fo me.
That's why nooone does.

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